Carpenteria State Beach, Carpenteria, California

Carpenteria is a very popular beach and campground. Tide pools are abundant here and many campsites are beachfront, and those are the spots to get if you don't mind being parked tightly together. From the Anacapa and Santa Cruz loops, you will have to hike around some sand dunes to see or play at the beach. Unfortunately, a train runs adjacent to this campground, too, so the closer to the beach, the better.

Good Spots: 39-45, 124-146, 200-216
Poor Spots: Anacapa Loop
Hookups: Anacapa & Santa Cruz loops: None, Santa Rosa Loop: Electric, water, sewer, San Miguel Loop: 147-168: None, 169-216: Electric, water, sewer
Dump within Facility: Yes
Potable Water: Yes

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